Order of Ceremony

1)     Procession - Welcome

a.     Bride stands at the entrance of the church with her parents while bridegroom stands near the kneeler facing the bride.

b.     Priest blesses the bride with holy water and the procession starts. The congregation rises to welcome the bride

c.     When the procession reaches the bridegroom the parents unites the bride with the groom. They now face the priest

2)         Lighting of Unity Candle

a.     Priest now explains the meaning of the Unity candle

b.     The couple lights separately the candles on both sides

(Have someone ready with a lighted candle)

3)     Holy Mass

a.     Mass begins

a.     Readings: Genesis 2:18-24 and Mk 10: 6-9

b.     Homily

(Have someone appointed to do the reading)

4)     Rite of Marriage

a.     Priest Verifying or questioning your intentions

b.     Vows (choice): I do

c.     Symbols: Rings, Thali, Saree (optional), Rosary

d.     Veil, Presenting, Kiss (optional)

e.     Lighting the middle candle together – candle ready

5)     Intercessions-Offertory Procession

a.     Offertory-cum-Intercessions Or Separately

b.     Mass continues

6)     Special Prayers

a.    Special blessing after Our Father; Communion

b.     Thanksgiving prayers by the couple

c.     Final Blessing

7)    Concluding Procedure

a.     Photos: Couple and priest (i) & with parents (ii)

b.     Signing registers: couple, witnesses & priest

c.     Thanksgiving offering to those assisted you.