Planning a Wedding


I.               In Advance:

a.     Choose readings:
                                               i.     Gen 2:18-24;
                                             ii.     Eph 5:2a, 25-32;
                                           iii.     Mk 10:6-9

b.     Couple practice the ritual
c.     Prepare the booklets with hymns, readings, etc.
d.     Get PP’s permission (delegation form to be signed by the priest in advance) for the invited priest to bless
e.     Assign persons to readings, intercessions and offertory procession
f.      Flower girls, bridesmaids
g.     Attire
h.     Rings, thali, sari, rosaries on the altar
i.      Unity candle 

II.            At the Church:

a)     Arrive on time – early, at least 15 minutes before
b)    Readers: mark the bible in advance
c)     Instruct photographers about the ceremony and take photos unobtrusively; take especially photos of vows, exchange of rings, signing, witnesses signing, etc
d)    Check again for: rings, (thali, sari, rosary)
e)     3 branched candle; another candle ready for lighting, once before the ceremony and later after the vows
f)     Cordless Mike and holy water in front
g)    Decoration – modest but elegant
h)    Parents ready to bring the bride in procession. 

III.          Reception: MC

a)     Welcome. Introducing special relatives & guests
b)    Lighting of the lamp (song)
c)     Blessing the cake and the meal and the guests
d)    Cutting the cake
e)     Vote of thanks by the couple
f)     Announcing service and location
g)    Gifts, etc.
h)    Remember to provide transportation and refreshments to the priests who come for the service
i)      Remember to give stipends to the priest and some gift to the sacristans and choir.