Wet Grave

A lady was very sick in her bed and asked her husband
"Honey, how long will you take to marry another lady in case I die?"
Then the husband said "Honestly, my love, I can only bring another lady after your grave is completely dry"

After few days, the lady died and the husband kept on visiting her graveyard on daily basis,.This took 15 years and the grave looked wet always.
One evening as he visited the graveyard, he met his brother in-law at the grave with an empty bucket and asked "Hey James what are you doing here?"
Then his brother in-law was like
"I am here to fulfill my only sister's wish, she said I should be coming here daily to wet her grave"
The man fainted. 😆😆
Never joke with women, even in death, their jealousy still smells. God's best and most intelligent creation.